Movie Marathon: 20 Years of Jackie Chan

movie marathon

As a kid, I spent many of my Chinese New Year holidays hooked on Jackie Chan movies. Whether it’s playing on the big screen or replaying on television for the umpteenth time, his movies never seem to get old.

If you’ve already caught Dragon Blade or are feeling nostalgic, why not dig up some of Jackie Chan’s classics and binge watch your way through this long weekend?

Movie: 警察故事IV之簡單任務 (Police Story 4: First Strike)
Year: 1996
Running time: 110 minutes
Watch for: If walking under a ladder is bad luck, it must be worse luck to have your ass kicked by one. Taking out 4 opponents while leaping in and out between the rungs, now, that’s just showing off!

Police Story 4


Movie: 我是誰 (Who Am I?)
Year: 1998
Running time: 103 minutes
Watch for: Imagine sliding down the world longest, steepest slide which ends with a potential free fall to a concrete pavement. And this was the escape route that Jackie Chan took, down the façade of Rotterdam’s Willemswerf building which is not only steeply inclined, but also tapers from top to bottom.

And if watching that is not enough to get your palms all sweaty, wait for the final fight scene which takes living life on the edge a little too literally.

Who Am I

Movie: 特務迷城 (The Accidental Spy)
Year: 2001
Running time: 108 minutes
Watch for: Want to see a bare- bummed Jackie Chan fight his way though market square in Turkey? Ambushed in a traditional bathhouse, Jackie Chan escapes with only a bath towel, which of course disappears along the way. Grabbing anything he can get to cover up, from garlands to brooms and even tambourines, watch how Jackie Chan gets out of this mess!

The Accidental Spy

Movie: Shanghai Knights
Year: 2003
Running time: 114 minutes
Watch for: One of Jackie Chan’s better Hollywood films, Shanghai Knight works by staying true to what Jackie Chan does best – improvised fight scenes. Armed with umbrellas, Jackie Chan even has time to pay tribute to Singing in the Rain while taking out some thugs.

Shanghai Knights

Tip: You can rent these oldies from or

Movie timer: 435 minutes (7 hours and 15 minutes)

Did your favourite Jackie Chan films make it to this list?


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