How to Indulge in a Guilt-free Brunch

Clark Quay_Guiltfree brunch.jpg
Here’s the thing about Singapore – the humidity makes any attempt to work out and get some fresh air seem like a good idea for all of 10 minutes before you start wondering about how close people are getting to the invention of an air-conditioned hamster ball. Give it another 5 minutes, and it’s likely you’re already making your way to the nearest cafe.

As you sit there sipping on your ice smoothie or digging into that ice cream waffle (3 scoops please!), you’ll probably start feeling guilty on all that calories you were supposed to be burning off instead of consuming. Though it might be a matter of time before someone enclose the entire Singapore in a big ass air-conditioned sphere (yes Big Ass Fans, work faster please), I’m not too thrilled about all that transfer of fats from my wallet to my waist till then!

Fortunately, working off those brunch calories may not be as hard as it seems. And you can do it right in the middle of town too – Clark Quay happens to be the perfect place to indulge in a sinful meal, before taking a casual stroll alongside the waters (Singapore River) and the greens (Fort Canning). And there’s even “cold rooms” such as Liang Court, Clark Quay CentralNational Museum of Singapore all around if you need to get out of the heat!

So let’s begin!

1. Kick-started my day with a hearty Mexican brunch

super loco

A colleague introduced me to stuff-d a couple of months back and got me real excited about Mexican food. And after I visited Super Loco, I’ve officially declared it my latest food obsession. Too many highly rated restaurants/ cafes tend to be nothing but disappointments, and I am glad to say this is not one of them. Ordered the Breakfast Burrito and Pulled Pork Torta and couldn’t get enough of either! And stuffed as I was, I didn’t feel jerlat (Singlish translator: feeling sick after eating too much of something) at all. I even managed to squeeze in some Super Churros. Please don’t judge me.

Food aside, Robertson Quay is like the forgotten cousin of Clark Quay – you hardly see a soul outside of the eateries. Maybe because it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. But this means you don’t need to fight with hoards of people for a table to enjoy your brunch and then scream at each other just to have a decent conversation. What’s more, Super Loco is just right beside Singapore River – great food, decent ambience and waterside view – what more can you ask for?

2. Wandered along Venice of the East

singapore river.jpg

After gobbling all that, you probably feel a need to walk it off – perfect way to get started!

Though the Singapore River is easily dwarfed by the waters of Venice, the stretch along Robertson Quay is charmingly laid back, reminiscent of the quieter towns in Murano and Burano – the outlying islands of Venice. It’s refreshing to take a stroll here, where it’s quiet enough to forget you were in the middle of a bustling city.

Follow the meandering Singapore River and head towards Clark Quay. On the way, you can’t miss the what’s possibly the most colourful bridge in Singapore – Alkaff Bridge.

If you would like to check out eating options for your next visit, be prepared to be overwhelmed by the choices at Robertson QuayThe Quayside and Robertson Walk. There just isn’t going to be enough stomach for all. that. food.

3. Sought refuge from the heat


Once you reach Clark Quay, take some time out to cool off at Liang Court. Besides the life-saving aircon, here’s also the place to find all things Japanese.

But if you can fight the heat just a little longer, make your way to Naiise at Clark Quay Central where you’ll be greeted by an endless selection of cool designer items. If you’re feeling crafty, there’re also a wide range of (rather pricey) workshops available.

Central’s carpark rooftop also over a fantastic view over the riverside. Best seen after dark when the lights come on!

4. Screamed my lungs outgmax.jpg

If you’re feeling more adventurous than crafty, I’m sure you would have heard the screams of pure terror/ joy coming from people being flung into space.

Ok, maybe not into space, but it might as well be, judging from those screams.

I’ve haven tried it for myself (because I’m either too full from stuffing my face or the sucky weather refuse to cooperate) but both sitting on the biggest swing of your life and going on a bungee without actually going on a bungee look like a hell lot of fun.

5. Embraced the tranquillity of Singapore’s Central Park

fort canning park

After that adrenaline high, calming your nerves across the road at Fort Canning Park is probably recommended. There are staircases all along River Valley Road leading into the park, but take the one at Hill Street so that you can pass by the rainbow Old Hill Street Police Station for some photo op.

Situated right smack in the middle of the city, Fort Canning Park is easily accessible and yet remarkably quiet even on weekends. While away the time any way you like here – strolling, briskwalking, Instagramming (see photo spots in the map below), checking out its historical past or more eating. There are also free activities being run periodically. When there are no events or concerts, Fort Canning Green is a great spot for a picnic or *gasp* suntanning.

6. Rounded up the day with some movie, shopping and desserts!


When you feel like getting back to civilisation, the National Museum of Singapore, The Cathay and Plaza Singapura are all just a short distance away.

But not before rewarding yourself with some Paris inspired éclairs at L’ÉCLAIR!

Eating, exercising and hanging out with friends – what could be better?


Instead of hitting the gym, why not share this with your friends for your next weekend hangout!



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Kia is a Singaporean who likes to make lists and plans. She sees her weekends as sacred pockets of time that should be used for more than just movies and food. She enjoys cuddling up with a book as much as exploring new places by foot in the insane Singapore humidity. Listening to her friends who lament that there’s “nothing to do in Singapore” and fly all over the world for holidays, Kia seeks to look for escapades closer to home. She found that even in such a tiny country, there are many places she hasn’t been, things she hasn’t tried, and old places are being revamped into new ones all the time. Soon, she saw the places around her like how tourists would see them, but better – fresh and yet familiar. Kia then sets out to plan itineraries for her weekend escapes and it became a habit she enjoyed. And now she wants to share them with you. After all, there are 52 weekends in year and only so many holidays you can take. What if you can turn your dates with family and friends into holidays every week? Check out her adventures at

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